The more developed the economy becomes, the more improved and increased people’s demands in life have been. As a result, the service products which want to satisfy customers must have real quality. Having thoroughly understood that point, Saigon Express Co., Ltd is introduced with a desire to be “an efficient arm, bringing our customers fast, prestigious and quality services.

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During our operation, we have always given priority to customers’ benefits. When receiving an order, all relevant staff shall spend entirely their time and effort to handle their work in the most efficient and optimal manner. The measurer for working effect is based on customers’ satisfaction level and good image establishment, which are the top criteria of our company.

Every individual, team and enterprise is considered as a cell of our society. Therefore, each cell’s alteration can affect the society and vice versa. Apart from enterprise’s benefits, Saigon Express company also cares about the community’s benefits. That’s the reason why the company always appreciates and enthusiastically responds to the contribution to activities which are aiming at the community, expressing citizen’s sense of responsibility.  


In recent years, the market of taxi trucks, removals, office removals, etc. has been widely used and popularized. Although Saigon Express is not the “pioneer”, it will be the leading. We firmly believe that since our goal is “perfectly professional”.  Domestic transport market is our very immediate goal with the development based on customers’ satisfaction. Furthermore, with a strong desire for a better, we have orientated ourselves in a comprehensive perfection with regards to material facilities, specialized vehicles, improved equipment, especially quality enhancement of human force so as to penetrate into the international transport market.

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With an aspiration for being the leader with a sustainable development strategy, Saigon Express Co., Ltd have been striving to become a professional transport company in Vietnam in particular and other countries in general.


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