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Reputation of any business is built on service quality. With many years of experience serving thousands of customers, Saigon Express understands profoundly this. Thus, we not only try to give best price, but also continuously improve our service quality. We commit to bringing excellent service to customers.

Excellent service quality



Saigon Express owns a great variety of high-quality vehicle types in order to serve best all moving needs.

  • All of our vehicles are state-of-the-art, operate reliably and maintained to a very high standard in order to ensure absolutely safe transportation.
  • We distributes a wide range of vehicles throughout all districts of Ho Chi Minh city
  • Our truck fleet ranges from 750kg, 1.4 ton, 1.9 ton, 5 ton, to 10 ton...serving all your moving needs
  • Saigon Express uses a wide variety of specialized vehicles, including closed truck, canvas truck, lift-gate truck, crane truck, lift truck...


Saigon Express has been building professional moving process for many years. We ensure effective, time and money saving moving service for customers.

  • We offer 24/7 support via free call center
  • We Inspect and propose best moving plan before price quotation
  • Disassembling, packing, moving and assembling with care
  • Moving to new place in shortest time
  • Making a detailed checklist for your move


Saigon Express always concentrate to train employees toward professional and dedicated attitude.

  • At Saigon Express, our employees are trained thoroughly on electronics, electricity, mechanic....so, we can assemble complex equipment quickly and safely.
  • With professional manner, our employees would wrap and pack furniture of customers quickly and thoroughly. We would also move safely through all-terrain.
  • Saigon Express always presents on-time and accomplish projects with highest responsibility
  • Our employees always have enthusiasm and honesty, so we can please all customers.​


Saigon Express commit to ensure all customers’ assets are protected safely through moving pocess.

  • All electronics devices and complex machines would be disassembled and assembled quickly and exactly by our professional team
  • All customers’ assets would be wrapped in packing material like shrink film, PE membrane, carton, packing tape and blanket pad in order to avoid all damage.
  • We would inspect, mark and check all customers’ assets thoroughly before, during and after every move.
  • All trucks are equipped with gentle-ride suspension, rub-rails to prevent your furniture from shifting while moving.
  • Saigon Express has dedicated equipment and vehicles, including crane, lift truck, stair roller, dolly, pulley...help move your furniture in  all-terrain conditions.​

Excellent service quality saigon express


Saigon Express always strives for customer satisfaction. Besides serving as a devoted mover, we always have special commitments to customers..

  • Our truck fleet operates 24/24, including days off, holidays and even in restricted time in Ho Chi Minh city.
  • We commit to best price and quality, helping you maximize saving
  • Saigon Express commits to compensation for all damage in moving process
  • We give special offers for long-term or loyal customers.

Saigon Express always strives devotedly to bring to customers the best price and highest quality moving service. We believe that customers’ satisfaction is the foundation for our success.

Please feel free contact us via phone (028) 3838 2238 or hotline: 0939 176 176.  Our support team are always ready to help you.

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