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Core Values

People: Saigon Express  building relationships with humanistic spirit; respect employees as the most valuable asset; Creating "The Republic" on the basis of fairness, integrity and uphold the unity power. We appreciate and respect our employees as a family home in Saigon Express Company with a strong belief that investment me.chung me about man's ability to invest in development sustainable and stable. The value of the services to be formed on the basis of human and we are willing to delegate responsibility for enthusiasts as well as an opportunity to promote their potential and to determine the success of the Company.

Teamwork: There are common beliefs and goals for the development of the company.

Focus: '' Heart '' was important in three words Finance '', we put the word 'Mind' 'foundation, maintaining ethics and respect for the law

All values must be made in time: Each employee Saigon Express Company believes that all values have been created over time and as a result of his hard work process. We are not satisfied with what comes easily, but determined to make his mission with the spirit of hard work, dedication and science

Get the value of "Solidarity - loyal - ng power level - professional" as the foundation of corporate culture.

Continuous innovation: never satisfied, satisfied with the results achieved .Cai continuous development. Learning something new, relentless creativity to succeed.

Quality of Service: Quality of products and services determine the existence of the business.

Take the word '' Trust '': do motto

Collaborate with development environment and the strength to survive and healthy competition in the market oriented and sustainable development.

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